Holiday Happenings

The miracle that is a vacation week continues, I got my new boots yesterday, my incredible over the knee boots, and today is the first day of winter! How amazing is that! New boots in time for the first day of winter. Proof of Gods love of me just continues on.
Yesterday was an amazing day spent with Elizabeth Anne, shopping, Taco Bueno, and did I mention shopping.
Then watching Love Actually with the Irishman, I love that movie, I think all fo the actors did a fantastic job in their roles. And, please, don’t gag, but I love watching with the Irishman. I think it is an incredibly romantic, funny movie and I consider it “our” holiday movie. A must to watch together.
What are some of your favorite holiday movies that you watch with your significant other? And I say holiday because it could be a New Years movie as well. I have not take Christmas out of my season.
Bad news from yesterday, I took my car to have it looked at, Jeffrey and Jeff (ex-husband i.e. car genius) tells me it is the intake manifold and the gasket seals that need replacing and it will take them a couple of days to do it. So I am carless for till Saturday. That was my bad news, the good news is, it will be fixed by people I trust.
I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!

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