My Saturday

Yesterday was an incredibly full and wonderful day, filled with emotion and old-fashioned fun. It started with the party to celebrate Almetta’s 80th birthday, she is Sandi’s mom for those of you who are new to reading me. Wanda was the ring leader in this endeavor, and let me tell you, it came off beautifully. If any of my readers are in Plano, TX please make a point to go to One 2 One, located in the Shops at Legacy. Just a beautiful space, excellent food and just a terrific staff. We had a private room, the staff just took care of us, making sure everything was filled, the food was plentiful and we were all comfortable. Several people spoke, there is one in particular that stuck with me. It was Louise, who is just a beautiful woman, very regal, elegant and, well for lack of a better word, classy. She said that in her country it takes a village to raise a child, and in there, exists a Queen Mother, and Al is our Queen Mother. She really is, Sandi graciously shared her mother with all of us.
The money tree was a huge hit, I am so happy it turned out the way it did. Something about the silver paint on the tree actually camouflaged the money. So when you look at it, the money wasn’t really visible at first. The look on Al’s face at first was like oh thank you, then when she noticed the money, it was “OH THANK YOU!” It was too cute, and so funny.
I also got to see Jason and Daniel, Sandi’s sons, I have not seen them in for a while. So good seeing them, they are incredible young men and Sandi would be proud of the way they are living their lives.
Next up was time with Elizabeth Anne, she came down from Bonham to celebrate my birthday with me. First up, Starbucks for a coffee treat, then shopping, then dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Now, I realize this is our usual time together. What made this so spectacular is that Elizabeth was the one paying! What a switch, she said the bank is probably going to call her and say, Um, these are charges we usually see on your moms card, what’s going on. She bought me the cutest sweater and my first pair of expensive jeans. I cannot wait to wear them! Thank you Elizabeth for a great birthday outing!

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