My Monday So Far

Well Monday has found us again, I tried to hide, I really did, covers over the head and everything, but alas it did no good. Monday came like it always does, always predictable, nearly always a calamity. Today will be good, there I said it, I mean it and it will happen!
Weekend was filled with hair going away, girls getting their new dresses I ordered from Ruelala, and seeing Tessa. All in all a good weekend.
Oh yes, one April Fools joke, the Irishman and I changed our relationship status to married, no, not married, still engaged. Perhaps we shall stay engaged forever, who knows, not even I can answer that.
Well, it is off to work I go, I find out today if I got the tour I wanted, I really hope I did. I am looking forward to having 3 days off during the week. If I get the one I really want, I will work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, having off Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. How great is that? Work 2 days, off one, work one then off two. I will let you all know if I get that tour. It means working 6 am to 5 pm, but that is ok, I can do that, 6 is still later than 5. Wish me luck!

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