Fake Celebrity Interview: The Bay City Rollers

Welcome to my second Fake Celebrity interview, I am very nervous today because my guests, and yes I said guests, as in multiple, are none other than my childhood crushes. They adorned my bedroom walls until I was 18 years old, I would like everyone to give a big hand to The Bay City Rollers!!!!!!!!!!
Me: I am so nervous, I cannot tell you how happy I am that all of you could Fake make it today. Let me start off by getting my 14 year old self out of the way. O. M. G., there, I think that will do it for now.
I want to say welcome to the original Bay City Rollers: Eric Faulkner, Stuart Wood, Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir and Derek Longmuir.
FLM: Thank you very much for the Fake invitation to be on your program, we are honored.
Me: OMG I love your accent, I bet you get told that a thousand times a day, unless of course you are in Scotland where that accent is normal.
FLM: yes to both.
Me: Ok, I am going to show the group a picture of me when I was 16 and you tell me which one of you I could have dated.
All FBCR: {uncomfortable silence}
FAL: You were underage then, none of us would have dated you.
Me: That’s not nice. Ok, how bout this picture, I am 18 here
FBCR: Let’s humor the lassie boys, ok, all of us would have fought over you.
Me: I love a good placation.
Me: Ok, down to serious business, I have all of your albums, except for the imports, my question is are you planning a new one any time soon?
LM: Allow me to answer, no, we are not
Me: Ok, how bout touring? Will you be touring the U.S. anytime soon?
SW: not that our fake selves know about.
Me: this is going nowhere, Ok, I have a huge surprise in store for you all, I was saving it for when things were not going well, and well, they are not. So I would like to welcome to the Fake stage Fake Ian Mitchell!
FLM: this is not funny, why would you bring him here?
Me: what? He only took your place for 7 months, and wasn’t it you who walked out? Leaving your fans, I might add, devastated? Of course I was not one of them, as my favorite was Derek, the drummer. So Fake Les, what do you have to say to your fans about the way you abandoned them?
FIM: I would like to say something here.
Me: Shut up Ian, I want to know what Les has to say.
FLM: That is it, I am leaving, this all happened in the 1970’s! Get over it fans!
Me: Well there you have it folks, The Bay City Rollers!

4 Replies to “Fake Celebrity Interview: The Bay City Rollers”

    1. Don’t get what? Since I don’t actually know celebrities, I do fake interviews, I ask them the questions I want answered and imagine their responses. It’s all in fun and I make it very clear it is fake.


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