Zombie Behavior and Relationships

There is a pair of turtles that have been together 115 years that is a long time, recently the female apparently has become disillusioned with the relationship. She began biting the males shell, letting him know she was not happy. I wonder what he did to deserve such treatment; did he not clean the home? Did he leave food on the floor? What does one do to deserve shell biting?
It made me think, if a couple has been together for over one hundred years and cannot make the relationship work, then what hope do the rest of us have? Will I eventually begin some aberrant behavior to get rid of my partner? Hopefully I will not bite him; I am not on bath salts, nor a zombie, so I don’t think that will happen. So here is the thing, when we are done, what do we do to drive the other person away? Do we realize we are doing it at the time? I have no answers to these questions, I was just curious.
Tomorrow I am going to Oklahoma for my family reunion, a little nervous, a lot excited and happy to see everyone. I can hardly wait to get going, errands in the morning then I plan to head out around 11:00 am. I don’t know when I am coming back, Saturday or Sunday, still not sure, will pack for both days. Tried to talk Elizabeth Anne into going with me, she said she is not sleeping in a tent. Next year I will plan better and rent a hotel room. It was too late this year and they were wickedly expensive, so earlier in the year book it I will.
Word of the day is altruistic, meaning: unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others. Used in a sentence: Today I shall exhibit altruistic behavior in regards to my fiancé and not bite his shell.

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