Time Travel Tammi and Independence Day

I was going to write about what it means to me to be an American today, however, I have been sidetracked by something I heard on the radio this morning. I was listening to my friend Shanon on KHVN and they posed the question, if you could go back in time when would you go. Of course, with today being the 4th of July, I said I would go back to this date in 1776 and witness the birth of our nation. Then I thought about it some more, I would go back to when my parents were alive and I was still at home. 4th of July was so fun with them, the house was full of family, friends and food, the yard was filled with more of the same just add some fireworks. Black Cats, sparklers and bottle rockets filled the air with a sense of fun, danger and camaraderie, all at once.
Of course my best friend Tammi was present, we were always together in those days, if she was not at my house I was at hers. I think mine was a bit more fun though, on the 4th at least, with the bustling activity and all of the people. My parents loved having a full house, filled with laughter and of course giving all glory to God. God always came first in our home, my parents always made sure that we gave thanks for everything. What a great example.
I think those days is the reason I gave up all 4th of July’s with my children after the divorce, their father had a lake house and he filled it with people. The kids always had fun and loved going, it was not a hardship to see their eager looks when the time was nearing. They still spend the day with their dad and on the lake. They were and continue to be true water people; they totally got that from their dad.
Now I work on the 4th of July, I think I do it, well the money is good, but I really do it so I won’t be reminded of how empty the day is for me now. With no family near me, no house full of people, it makes it a little more palatable to be at work.
I hope everyone has a great day, tune into my friend on KHVN 97 AM in Dallas/Fort Worth, she is just fantastic, and the music is incredibly uplifting.

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