Exciting News for Freddy

Well I did not get picked for jury duty, very disappointed, yet again, however the courthouse I went to this time was outstanding! Beautiful architecture and the inside was just fabulous, if I had to choose a waiting room, well this was exceptional. Till next time courthouse, then perhaps lady justice wil choose me to dispense her brand.
Yesterday was spent taking the Irishman to the doctor, he is still not even 30% better but he is on the mend. Then out to lunch, I was finally able to take him for his annual birthday steak. Then dropping him off, a little rest for me, then up and at ’em.
Costco, Target, the mall and finally, getting to see my son on his birthday, priceless. So happy I got to spend time with my amazing son on his day. Also got to see Alex and Freddy, always a treat, I found out that Freddy will be doing some writing for a hunting magazine. So excited for him, this is huge news, he is an avid hunter and even a hunting guide. Writing about his experiences is the natural progression for someone as passionate about the sport as he is. Can’t wait to read what he writes!
Well it is back to work for me, two days then I get to sleep in on Saturday and catch back up on laundry, I cannot remember if I have anything else to do, my mind is a blank right now.
I am working on Monday, from 7am to 4pm, not too bad, get to sleep in a little then get off an hour earlier than I normally do. Next week is my last week on my current schedule, then it is 4 straight work days of 6 am to 5pm, it will take some getting used to, however I am looking forward to 3 days off in a row.

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