Well I did it, my prayers and wishes have finally come true, boot season is upon us, the cooler weather has hit North Texas and I could not be more thrilled. Actually, I could be more thrilled, if it snowed here in October it would make my life complete.
On Friday something so spectacular happened, I can’t talk about it yet, at least I don’t think I can, but when I get the OK to talk about it here you will all know what is going on. Just know it was unexpected and amazing and surprisingly does not include Dean Cain or Starbucks. Imaginations you may now run wild.
Weekend was quiet, I did go for an eye exam or Friday afternoon, long overdue, and guess what, well you are never going to guess so I am going to tell you, my eyesight has gotten better. Shocking! That is why I was not able to see out of my glasses. My Optometrist was not available so I saw another one in the practice and he and I discussed contacts. Since my eyesight has worsened I have given up wearing contacts on a daily basis as they are not comfortable and do not correct all of my vision issues. However, Dr. Deloach, at Plano Eye Associates (go see them), said he thought he had the solution. Monovision contacts, it is where they correct one eye for one issue and the other for the, well, other issue. He said it takes some getting used to and it is really a matter of fooling the brain, I have been trying them all weekend and while it does take some getting used to, I think they may work. You may all be seeing me sans glasses.
Today I will be test driving them at work to see if I can actually see the computer monitor, wish me luck. On Saturday I thought I was getting what the Irishman has had for the past two weeks, the congestion and coughing, so I stayed in, stayed in my pj’s and doctored myself. I am happy to report that whatever it was has passed. I am right as rain today, I have had copious amounts of coffee and am raring to go.
I don’t want to talk about the Real Housewives of New Jersey yet, as I am still stressed from the show, next week is the last one, so I am sticking it out.
So, that’s all I have for now, will see you tomorrow. Peace out.

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