How I met Sandi

I can’t remember if I have told this story here, however, I feel the need to tell again, as today marks the 2nd year without Sandi.
When Jeffrey was in Kindergarten he came home every day talking about Daniel, it was Daniel this, Daniel that, until I decided that I needed to meet this Daniel. I asked Jeffrey if Daniel’s mommy picked him up from school or did he ride the bus. Turns out his mommy did indeed pick him up from school, so the next day I asked Jeffrey to point out Daniel so I could introduce myself to his mother and have Daniel over for a play date.
Jeffrey said Daniel is the one in blue, this was Kindergarten, there were at least 10 little boys in blue, when I pointed that out to Jeffrey, he let out a loud sigh and took my hand and pulled me toward his new friend. I met this tiny, dynamo of a woman, she knew of Jeffrey as well she said, as Daniel talked of nothing but him. I asked if perhaps Daniel could come to our house for a playdate, she explained that she would have to get to know me better before letting her son come over by himself. I instantly respected this mom, I was the same way, she then asked if I had ever had a Mary Kay makeover. I said no, she said we could kill two birds with one stone, the boys could play and we could have some girl time.
That was that, Sandi came over with Daniel and she and I bonded over makeup, the fact that we both were transplants to Texas, she was from New York, I was from Oklahoma and that we both were protective mothers.
Over the years she became not only my friend but my mentor, my sounding board and another mother to my son. We used to joke that we were raising the same child as Jeffrey and Daniel were so much alike. We talked almost every day, she was always there for me, in the rough times and in the good times.
I miss her as much now as I did the day she left us to go home, I know she touched so many people’s lives, she was a powerhouse, she packed so much into such a short amount of time. She raised not one but two amazing sons who are doing great things with their lives. I know she was proud of them and continues to watch out for them from above.
Today I will not cry, I will rejoice in the fact that I was blessed with her friendship and guidance for the amount of time I got to know her here on this earth. I will say a prayer for the hurting hearts that were left behind and will pray for continued healing from the pain. I will pray for others to find joy and comfort in the memories of Sandi and with the knowledge that we will see her again.

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