Well today is Halloween, come as you aren’t day, this is one of my favorite days of the year. This year I did not dress up, no one else was at work and I didn’t want to look like a donkey. But here is my question when did Halloween become dress slutty day? Every costume is sexy something, whether it is nurse, witch, pirate or princess. Seriously, when did this happen for adult women? Halloween has always been a scary day, the day the spirits come out, not vampires, too commercial for them, but ghosts, goblins and monsters, this is the day for them. So why do we feel the need to dress slutty or sexy? Why can’t we dress scary and have a good time, Halloween has become a day of pressure for women, to be something they really may not be, I am not talking sexy, I mean slutty, why can’t we dress up as superhero’s without the revealing factor of the costume? Why can’t we dress up as nurses without being the slutty nurse? What happened to creativity in costumes? Let’s get back to that, let’s encourage our girls to think creatively, fun, wildly out of the box.
I would love to see more goblins, ghosts, black cats and mummy’s on older girls, let’s make this a scary holiday once again!
I miss my kids being little and dressing up, they were all so stinkin cute, I hope I get to see Tess today; I usually go over and get a glimpse of her costume. Take a picture; give her a hug, then leave so she can go get her candy. Love that girl.
Friday is coming quickly, it is the day Shanon and I will be recording our show for the first time! An historic event, perhaps we need to mark the day with Starbucks, I will have to leave early and find out her favorite Starbucks treat. I have a new dress I haven’t worn; I am thinking Friday is the perfect day for said dress. It is purple, my favorite color, and it rocks, add some black boots and I will rock the look.

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