Back on the Wagon

So I have stepped back onto the wagon after a huge falling off, I cannot believe I allowed things to spiral out of control like I did. But I am back on, watching every bite that goes into my mouth and I will let you know at the end of the week how it is going. So far, one day down, it is going good. Although I really want a Santa cookie from Starbucks, however I am resisting. I will have to see how many points it will cost me to eat it, that may cure me of any lingering desires.
The past week was a blur, it was busy and non-stop, first off I worked 5 days last week, and I know what you are thinking, well, Angie I work five days a week every week. For me it was 3 10 hour days followed by 2 eight hour days. Then it was waking up and going into the studio to record with Shanon on Saturday, we had such a great conversation! Then there were technical difficulties and our new show did not air Saturday evening. But that’s ok, I told Shanon perhaps God knew better than us and someone out there needed to hear that one again, or for the first time. So a new show will be on this coming Saturday, I hope you all will listen. After the studio was the grocery store, which I loathed, I hate grocery shopping, but I did it and then home to my pajamas and laundry.
I have had Jeffrey’s dog while the kids were out of town, and he called Saturday and asked if I wanted to bring Russ back on Sunday. I told him that made me happy because I was already in my pajamas. He said that I could also help him and Tess decorate their Christmas tree on Sunday. A good time was had by all, we decorated and laughed and had a good time. Back home for more laundry, ugh, it never ends.
I did it again people, I watched The Walking Dead before trying to fall asleep on Sunday night, I don’t know why I did it. Spoiler alert, if you have not watched it, stop reading, Carl was so sweet when he named the baby. He chose his third grade teachers name, Judith, that is a good name, a strong name, that baby is going to need a strong name. How creepy is that Governor, man, I would not want to meet up with him, on a dark street, a lit street or any street. He has so many creepy things going on in that town; I can’t wait till he and Rick meet up. He made a major mistake taking Glen and Maggie, and what did he do to Maggie? He is in for it! I can hardly wait for next week.

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