Once and Again

The world is back to normal, today is my Friday, and yes, it included Starbucks, a skinny version of my normal. Plus, no Snowman cookie, it was incredibly hard not to order that thing this morning. Instead I have my skinny mint mocha with my cottage cheese and a fruit cup. I am a sad, sad person this morning; however since it is Friday I am strangely happy as well.
I keep waiting for the snow to come, it always starts off promising at 5:30 when I am leaving the apartment, it is cold and crisp, but then it warms up. Seriously, this needs to end, I need the cold to stay, I need snow this year. We had no snow last year, it was infuriating, I need it this year, I promise if it does not snow I will go insane, completely and thoroughly insane.
If my children are reading this, I need a Christmas list from you, I have Jeffrey’s, Tessa is almost done, so that leaves Elizabeth Anne and Alex, get those in! Oh, wait, Alex told me what he wants, so, that leaves just Elizabeth Anne, she is a little slow this year, usually by now I know exactly what she wants. I know a few things and I have gotten all three a very special gift, which I am so excited to give them, I really hope they love it.
Last night was Arrow, I am really loving that show, they are doing justice to the mythology of the comic. Last night, just for trivia buffs, the guest star was Jeffrey Nordling who was on Once and Again with Susanna Thompson who plays Oliver Queen’s mother. I loved Once and Again, the stars were Sela Ward and Billy Campbell, they played divorced parents who meet in the carpool lane at their children’s school. It gave hope to every single mother sitting in a carpool lane, although very few of us looked like Sela Ward and I guarantee there were no dad’s that looked like Billy Campbell sitting around. However, it was well done, beautifully acted and of course short lived, because truly intelligent television doesn’t last long.

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