I love fog, not the kind that is so thick you can’t see, the kind where it just looks creepy, it reminds me of the old, scary movies that I used to watch as a kid. The ones with Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and Lon Chaney, I loved those movies, they were in black and white and so creepy. If you have not seen any of those, you really should find them and watch them, they are just greatness.
I grew up watching scary movies, they came on every Saturday afternoon when I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by the idea of Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s monster and the Mummy, the thought that you could move things with just a twitch of your nose, or nodding your head and blinking, well the thought is heady indeed.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am no occultist, nor do I believe they really exist, I just enjoy a good story and those beings make good storytelling. I feel the need for a good Buffy Marathon, perhaps when I am off work, after Christmas, which would be a good time, I like watching them when I am alone and can have my popcorn and diet coke. No more milk duds, man I miss those. Maybe I can also watch my favorite Christmas movie, Holiday Inn, I love that movie, I think I shall watch that this weekend.
Well it is my Friday and I am so happy, I do believe I shall enjoy my weekend, recording tomorrow, getting Tess tomorrow after school, and I plan on decorating this weekend. We shall see, I feel rather lazy; however I do enjoy decorating for Christmas, even if it is just for me to enjoy. Having no small children in the home to decorate with, well it is totally different. If you have children still at home, enjoy this time of year, it does not last long. I miss decorating with my children. We all took such delight in decorating, then they would help their dad decorate. They had a double dose of Christmas, I wonder if they miss those days, or if they are happy they are over with.

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