Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne

When I was pregnant with Elizabeth Anne I used to pray to God to give me a little girl with long dark hair that was perfectly straight, with big dark eyes. One who was full of life, independence, one who had morals, one who would grow up to be a woman of her word and was beautiful, He said I can take care of some of those things, the others you will have to raise her up to do. Well I got all of those things and more, I could not be more proud of the way Elizabeth Anne turned out, she is not only beautiful, but full of opinions and not afraid to voice them, she is nothing short of amazing. I like to think I had a little bit of influence in how she turned out, although it is hard to tell as she is so much her own person.
So today, the beginning of the month of February, I say Happy Birthday Elizabeth Anne, you make me proud to be your mother every day of the year.

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