Accent Thursday

I don’t listen to country music, I would just like to get that out there, well, for the most part, the other part of me thinks what girl doesn’t need a little Tim McGraw from time to time. I was raised on so many genres of music it is hard to explain why I am so loathe to admit listening to this one. I loved Johnny Cash, June Carter, Loretta Lynne and the Oak Ridge Boys when I was growing up. I always loved Alice Cooper, Kiss, ZZ Top and the Commodores, I know, very odd listening habits. As I grew older, disco invaded my life, we have stayed in close contact over they years, my constant companion. However, there are days I must cheat, today was one of those days, not my fault, I have plausible deniability.
I jumped in my car at lunch and when I turned the key over, the soothing tones of Tim McGraw filled the air, I was shocked, how did this happen. Somehow my car radio was set to a country station; I promise you this was not my doing. I did nothing to change the situation, I felt guilt, my old friend disco was waiting for me on 88.5, I still did nothing.
Then it happened, I began to sing along, the absolute horror, then it happened, the very reason I do not listen to country music. When I stopped the car and went inside my destination, I heard the accent come out of my mouth. When I listen to country music my Southern accent is more pronounced. It’s as if someone else takes over and controls my vocal cords, I am helpless to stop it. As helpless as I am to stop my Oklahoma accent whenever I cross the border that takes me home.
I don’t even know how it happens, I don’t know anyone else who experiences this phenomenon, if you do, please tell me. I worked hard at not having an accent and for the most part I succeed, except when I want to have one, but there are times, the most unfortunate times when it comes out. And I am paralyzed, not with fear but with disbelief, where did it come from.
That is the question of the day, where do these accents come from? My parents didn’t have one, my grandmother, well; she had a southern one, and very southern sayings that to this day I repeat. Did I obtain it when I lived in Georgia? No, I had it before then, who can really know for sure where it came from. I think I was born with it, what I would really like to know is where the California Valley girl came from. She is shocking, and yes I have always had that accent, even in school, before it was immortalized by the movie staring the brilliant Nicholas Cage.
Back to me and country music, I am completely enamored by Nashville right now; perhaps that is where the accent is coming from. The show comes on Wednesday nights, I watch Thursday mornings, my accent seems to appear on Thursdays. My longing to listen to Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tracy Lawrence and Toby Keith emerge then as well.
I do believe I have solved the mystery of my accent heavy Thursdays.

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