Weight Loss

So today is Monday, after a very busy weekend, I find that I need a few days to recover, well that is not going to happen. So here I am, up, awake, ready to make the money, drinking coffee, waking up. I think being around sick people has finally infected me, I woke up stuffy with a scratchy throat, I am not happy.
I have avoided being sick for over a year, one year and 4 months to be exact, why me, why now! I put a double dose of honey in my coffee, hopefully that will help. Other than that I am doing well, cravings are gone for sugar, for now, I think by eating natural sugars that has been a huge help. I do need to go at lunch and get some fruit; I did not have time to stop on the way to work this morning. So yogurts for breakfast, at lunch go get fruit and stay on my new life changing way of eating.
I weighed this morning and I have lost 4.5 pounds, not bad, especially since I don’t exercise, so life is all good. This will be short as I am starving and must fight the hunger until I can find fruit.

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