Tell it Like it is Day

I have several thoughts right now, one I am saving, the other is this, if you don’t want people to comment on your life do not put it out for all to see on social media. When you put your life out there and tell all on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever then people get to make comments. Period. It’s the way of life these days, perhaps people should start thinking of keeping some things to themselves, or tell friends in person, face to face as it were. I suggest you choose a diverse group, not just people who will agree with you. When I face tough issues I like to confer with people who will tell it to me straight, no mincing words, sometimes we need people to be harsh with us. Tell the truth even if we don’t want to hear it.
My daughter, Elizabeth Anne is like that, if you tell her something, she will tell you the truth, she will not sugar coat it, you will get the unvarnished opinion of this young woman. Hmmm, sounds like she has a double dose of both mine and her father’s personality.
I am enjoying today, I will be leaving here shortly to go spend some time with one of my favorite people, Wanda, she got a new computer and I am going to help her set it up. So excited!
I have a confession to make, I started watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, huge mistake, I am now sucked in, Lord help me. I have to tell you I am really liking Nene Leaks, that woman minces no words, tells it like it is, owns her past, and puts up with no-nonsense. Count me as a fan.

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