Ok, so, yesterday was spent recording Conversations, can’t wait for the shows to air, had a great time as usual with Shanon J. The topics are timely and the conversation is fantastic, can’t wait for you all to hear them!
I have exciting news that once again I cannot share yet, so excited though!! You will all just have to wait this one out. I hope to be able to announce it soon.
It is coming up on season finale time for all of my television shows, this is my second favorite time of year, I love to see where the shows are going and what I have to look forward to in the new television season. I love television, scripted television, I cannot stress that enough, I might have a shameful secret in the fact that I watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey, however if it comes to that or a scripted show, I will forego the reality for the scripted.
Yesterday I had lunch with Alex, very enjoyable at the Genghis Grill; love the food and the company. We have the most interesting conversations about history, politics and even math. I have to brag, I have the most intelligent children, they are all articulate, thought provoking and well informed. I don’t know how these particular children were given to me, I am just glad God gave me the ones he did.

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