Broken Hearted

They say home is where the heart is, while my adopted home is Texas, my heart has always been in Oklahoma. Today my heart is broken, I watched, along with everyone else the destruction that was wrought not by man’s hand but by nature’s hand.
As you all know I am adopted, my family, my blood family, all lives in the areas hit, I am very thankful indeed they are all physically unscathed.
I have lived with the threat of tornadoes the entire time I was growing up; I don’t think I have ever been scared. Until yesterday, and I wasn’t scared for myself, I was scared for my cousins and Aunt and Uncle that are still living. I was scared that something horrible would happen to one of them.
I watched this horrible event unfold, my heart is heavy for my home state, the lives lost, the children. It is unfathomable, while I am heartbroken, my heart has hope, I see the humane side of Oklahoma, once again. That is never far from the surface, my hometown of Owasso was among the first to get a rescue crew together and send help.
If you will remember, Owasso was the first to send help to Joplin, Missouri as well; my heart swells with pride at being able to claim Owasso as my hometown.
Oklahoma may be down right now, but they are not out, we are a resilient state, having been hit with the hardest times in history, we always come back.
For now my prayers are with Oklahoma’s amazing people, do what you can to help them, because believe me, if you needed help they would be there without blinking.

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