Yesterday was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Plano, once again I signed up as a course monitor. This is my second year of volunteering for this great cause; I do it for several reasons. First is to honor my friends who are currently fighting this disease or who are living testimonies to wining the battle. Second I do it in memory of my friend Sandi who battled this horrendous disease for 20 years, never giving up, never stopped being her and never let this disease rob her of her dignity.
I do it to let her mother know how much her daughter’s friendship meant to me, I do it to let her sons know how their mother’s life was an example of how everyone should live.
As I looked around, I saw warriors everyone, women who were survivors, proudly displaying the fact for everyone. We all applauded these women and their courageousness to tell everyone their story of triumph. I saw people who came out to show their support for finding a cure, people who were in shape and ready to run, people who were not in great shape and came ready to walk. Some were pushed, wheeled and at times carried across the finish line. But finish they did and raise money so that eventually no other families would have to know the anguish of watching their mother, daughter, sister or friend die a slow agonizing death.
I am proud to give the time I am able to in honor of this monumental task of finding a cure. If you ever have the opportunity to volunteer I believe you will find it a humbling, enlightening and fulfilling experience.

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