My Man of Steel Review

I finally saw the new Superman movie; I have to say I went with mixed expectations. I had reviews that were not so kind, however, since I am an open-minded person, I decided to go and form my own opinion.
I am a superhero junkie; I cut my teeth on Greek and Roman mythology, making a progression to Egyptian and Norse mythologies as well. I was well versed in the hero world when I discovered Superman comics at the age of 6. I remember being entranced, fascinated, this could actually happen. A being not of this planet, sent here from his dying planet, he lands in Kansas, the heartland of America.
He receives his moral code from his salt of the earth parents; I have to say that Kevin Costner and Diane Lane did an excellent job portraying Jonathan and Martha Kent. We should all be so lucky to have parents that steer our morality while accepting who we are at the core of our being.
I was not disappointed by this movie, I am not going to give any spoilers, I will just give my thoughts and feelings.
Russell Crowe was a great Jor-El, we understand why he sent his son to save humanity, why he did the things he did. We feel sympathy for his mother Lara, having to put her son in a ship built for one. Not knowing who was going to raise him, would they love him, accept him, nurture him and help him grow to be the man he needed to be. The ultimate sacrifice made by a birth mother, to give her child to the unknown when she was not able to be there for him.
I read reviews that said there were no moments of humor, however, I saw several moments, they were subtle, but there. Perhaps the reviewer didn’t have a sense of humor, or needed it to be in your face humor. Either way, this was a good movie, a good reboot, of course no one will ever take the place of Christopher Reeve, his Superman is iconic. Unrepeatable, lightening in a bottle, as it were, one of a kind.
This movie does not try to be something it’s not, it is refreshing, Amy Adams is a good Lois Lane.
Lois Lane was my second female role model, the first being Lt. Uhura, Lois Lane made me want to become a girl reporter. She was fast talking, cigarette smoking, in your face, give me an answer woman. She first inspired me to write, my mom was my second writing inspiration.
All in all, I recommend you see this movie, whether you are a novice Superman fan, or a die-hard, comic reading nerd of a fan, like me.

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