Confessions of a Non-romantic

I have never been an overly mushy person, you know the type I mean. With the advent of social media we can clearly see who these people are. I am continually shocked that people put every aspect of their life on the Internet.
Their romantic life, I have always been a private person by nature. I keep things close to the vest as it were. You can talk to me for an hour, walk away and realize I never told you one personal thing about myself.
I have never been one to NEED another person in my life, I would be perfectly content to be alone. I know what you are thinking, it’s easy to say things like that when you have someone. Well, you, who say that, don’t know me. Several of you that do know me can verify the truth of that statement. If the Irishman dumped me today I would be sad but not devastated, I would miss him for a while but never chase after him.
Some mistake that for coldness, however, I call it self reliant. I don’t depend on anyone but me for my happiness in life. I am not a big believer in happiness anyway, I hang my hat on joy instead, my soul has great joy.
On to a different topic, I hate this time of year for many reasons, but today, I hate it for my bad hair. My hair is so curly in the humidity, why didn’t God give me good hair. Elizabeth Anne has great hair, so I guess as long as my daughter looks good that’s all that counts. It’s too late for me to achieve prettiness anyway.
Peace out homies!

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