I awoke to rain, life giving, life affirming blessed rain. Rain renews my soul; it is what gives life to the planet, to all of us. From the ground up, it refreshes us, renews us and is the affirmation that life goes on.
I pray that the rain washes away all of the ugliness and brutality if just for a moment from all living things.
I find the rain soothing, a balm on my soul, it cleanses me, almost like snow does, I find it calming.
I know this is going to sound strange, but maybe not, when it rains I sing Nothing But the Blood, I equate the rain with washing away of sin. Yes, I know the song says blood, not water and if it were raining blood, well, that would be apocalyptic in nature. It’s a metaphor for how I feel the rain cleanses, I believe God uses the rain to cleanse the earth much like the Blood of Jesus cleanses our souls. It’s my belief; you don’t have to agree with it, it’s how I see things not you.
I had the best day yesterday, very relaxing, I didn’t do a whole lot, I got my eyebrows done, now I can wear my contacts without being embarrassed, got some things at the store. Then came home and read, an actual book, not an ereader book. I love real books, the feel, the smell, the weight; it is nothing short of wonderful for me. I love the written word, I am always in awe of someone who can put pen to paper and use his or her imaginations to make my imagination come to life. When the person can actually string a sentence together. Please do not get me started on one of the worst written books on the face of the planet today. I still cannot believe anyone read that horrendous piece of, well, garbage. Once again, it wasn’t the content it was the writing.
On that note, I shall leave you all to finish my book; I need to find out what happens at the end.

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