My Mary Kay Exerience

I have arrived back home after being at Mary Kay Seminar for three days, first off I have to say the Hyatt in Downtown Dallas was absolutely wonderful to us. From the people that made sure I was kept in coffee to the ones that made sure we had enough towels in our room, you made sure we were taken care of and spoiled. Love you.
Walking into the arena was difficult, this was the last place I spent a significant amount of time with my friend Sandi. I managed to keep it together until the Awards ceremony, you see this is what she and I loved together, she would call and ask what I was wearing and most years I would keep her guessing. Then when I walked out in what I had chosen she would say well, Angela Barsi, and I knew I had chosen well. Then she and I would ohhhh and awwww over the fabulous gowns and beautiful shoes, pointing out what would look good on the other. It was hard, and I was happy I had left off the mascara. After a complete meltdown I was then able to enjoy the show, looking at the beautiful gowns and fabulous shoes, thinking which ones would look good on me and which ones Sandi commandeered for herself in Heaven. Because if anyone can, trust me, it’s Sandi.
I learned a lot, some very exciting products are coming out; I can’t wait to share them all with everyone. Especially the new Clearproof line, it is specially formulated for our customers who battle acne. It is awesome, they have tested the products on people who battle this issue and the results were nothing short of amazing. An overused word, I know, but apt here.
I attended an incredibly fun White party, where everyone wore white and boogied to some really great old school music. My music, Earth Wind and Fire, The Commodores, and the list goes on.
I found out my wonderful Mary Kay sisters had nominated me for our unit’s Miss Go Give. It is the highest honor one can be recognized for in Mary Kay. I am humbled beyond belief; to be thought of in this way by my peers is extraordinary.

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