This week has been filled with sickness, mine, it started Saturday, congested, feeling, well yucky. It progressed, I ended up leaving work early Monday, it literally felt like someone put sandpaper in my eyelids and I had become what I always despised. A mouth breather, my nasal passages congested yet running constantly all at the same time.

I thought perhaps a few days rest might clear things up, that with copious amounts of Tylenol cold and sinus, nighttime. I was wrong, very, very wrong, by Wednesday things were turning green and my ears were hurting and it hurt to swallow.

A trip to the doctor this morning told me that everything in my head was infected. Ears, nasal cavity, swollen glands, the whole nine yards, I guess when I do something I really do it right. I have not been sick for a solid year, before that it was over a year and a half.

Going to the doctor is always an experience, they tell you to be on time or lose your appointment time. However then you are kept waiting a good 45 minutes before the nurse ever calls you back. They then put you in a room where you wait another 15 to 30 minutes.

This time a student nurse practitioner saw me before the doctor, he took all of my information, asked the same questions the nurse asked me, listened to my lungs, poked and prodded my sinus cavity and my glands, tried to sell me on a z-pack, which is worthless. I told him no, then he left and I saw the doctor for all of 5 minutes. I then paid $83.00 for the privilege of getting a $4.00 antibiotic.

He said that I should start feeling better by Sunday, I hope so, I hate breathing through my mouth. I can’t stop blowing my nose and coughing, I seriously hate coughing because then I cough things up. I really hate that, there are certain things in life I hate doing and that is right up there in the top 10.

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