I have to give a huge shout out to the Irishman, I came home yesterday to some laundry being done, all the trash was taken out, the lawn mowed and the kitchen spotless. I think he doesn’t think I see all of that but I do and the stress it alleviates is great. Thank you Irishman!

Yesterday was interesting, full of surprises that I am not at liberty to say right now in this format. I do believe it is a good thing, at first I wasn’t positive, but now I am. Sometimes we run towards change with outstretched arms, welcoming whatever the wind blows in, other times change is thrust upon us. This change is being thrust upon me, I firmly believe that God is in control, and I believe this change came from Him. Pushing me in a direction that He wants me to go, I am curious to see where it will take me. So far I have not been let down by change, at times it has been difficult, at times it has been overwhelming, but in the long run it has never been bad.

There are so many things going through my mind right now, I will save them for a different time. This is a short post, more to come later.

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