It has been a long week, I am enjoying being in a new environment, I miss walking into my other building and seeing everyone, hopefully they will be able to join us after we are done with training.

I actually got to sit with someone who I used to sit by in my other job; it was good to see all of the tools and what they do. I hope we start learning those soon, they looked interesting and a more in-depth look at the line than what we had access to.

Yesterday I did get to pick up Tess, not at school of course, at her Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather’s house. We had a good talk on the way to my house, we talked about two creepy dolls that she has, she is convinced they can open doors. I remember thinking a few of mine could do that at her age as well, she was cracking me up with her description of how she thought they could preform such a feat.

We decided to have our weekend gathering to Sunday, it is Mother’s Day after all, a cookout is in order. Alex is out of town; he has already called me twice to tell me where he was on his drive and to let me know he arrived safely. I do not care how old they are, a mom always wants to know her children are safe.

Today I am taking Tess shopping for new spring and summer clothes, I love doing it, she hates shopping. I seriously do not understand this; I guess she inherited her dad’s attitude towards that activity. I told her after shopping we could do something fun, she loves going to Old McDonald’s (her name for the much maligned fast-food place) and another place that I will not name as there are not that many and well people are crazy.

I don’t know which she will choose, but we will have fun no matter the place, that being said, I am off to get ready for our day of fun. I hope everyone has a great day, a wonderful weekend and a fantastic Mother’s Day!

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