I awoke this morning to thoughts of perhaps seeing Guardians of the Galaxy again, then decided not to, as I have a lot to do around here to get ready for the upcoming work week. It makes me sad to have responsibilities that keep me away from my hobby, intergalactic space travel, but alas, being a grown up does have its price.
In other news, the original Red Dawn is on television right now, Wolverines! I have an incredible urge to run around the house yelling Wolverines! However, I have kept myself in check and resisted that urge.
I had a glorious week off from work, doing nothing but hanging out with my favorite seven year old. We went bowling, ice-skating and to the pool, we watched her new favorite cartoon every night before bed, while having a snack. I woke to smiles and laughter every morning; I am really going to miss that little girl now that our week is over. I hope I can do the same next summer, a week of being no one but Gigi, I will carry the memory of being able to do this with me for the rest of my life.
Of course I will still be picking her up from school every other Friday, that is not going to change. We will still have fun when I do that, but this was special, I have not gotten to take the week off just to take care of her. What great fun, being a grandparent is so different from being a parent. Everyone should get to experience this in his or her lifetime.
Next week I begin my new tour, we choose every month in this department, it is a little unsettling, because I have learned we also change desks. This makes no sense, it is disruptive to the workday, this plan has massive of unproductive time built right into it. Time the company is actually losing money, who thought of this??? Major Telecommunications Corporation I work for, you need to rethink this plan, it is insanity and not cost effective, nor productivity effective.
On the upside, I did not have to move my desk, as I was gone, my favorite Jose moved my desk and called to tell me where my new seating is. Good thing, I go in at 6am tomorrow morning and would have been wandering around trying to find it. Once again ineffective use of my time, someone really needs to look into this.
I will leave you with this one thought: Wolverines!

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