Personal Trainer Reflections

About 3 or 4 weeks ago Kellie Raspberry said something provocative on the air. It was during Love Letters to Kellie and it was a man writing in to say his wife had issues with him having a female workout buddy. She said not a good idea, while I agree with her on that point, it was the next one I disagreed with.
She went on to say a lot of personal trainers end up having affairs with their clients due to the close connection people feel while sweating together. Not her words, mine, I’m paraphrasing.
Her observations did lend insight to her divorce, however I took umbrage with the observation. I have 0 desire to fool around with any of my trainers due to the fact I see them as torturers rather than demigods.
Add that to the fact they are the same age as my children, well you have a recipe for rebellion on my part, as my fondest wish is to do nothing but sit at home, eat puffy Cheetos and get fat. I pay these people to help me get lean and healthy, which begs the question. If you are paying someone for a service and they provide a different service does that make them a hooker or gigalo?
I can understand what Kellie was saying, if you do have a trainer that comes to your home and you are working in a very intimate setting; And you are one on one. I can see where things would go awry. However still begs the question are you paying for more than one service?
I know my situation is different and it is not that intimate setting, it is with a minimum of 8 people and the trainer. But I gotta tell ya, even if it was one on one, I would still see that person as my torturer, add in the age factor and I am paying them. Well, never gonna happen.

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