Parental Hypocrisy

Parenting hypocrisy, let’s all think about that for a moment, it is at a monumental high right now. There is a woman in the news who was filmed disciplining her teenage son, whom she caught in the midst of the Baltimore riots, throwing rocks at the police. She did what I would have done, what my mother would have done and what any woman I grew up surrounded by would have done. She marched into the midst of the riots grabbed her son and began to beat the daylights out of him.

She is being hailed as the mother of the century, I would simply call her a mom, a mom who has raised her children with discipline and expects better of them. Here is where the hypocrisy comes in, most parents of today, in America, don’t believe in corporal discipline. Spanking is barbaric, there are better ways, reason with your child, talk to them, allow them to make their own choices.

I don’t understand that, at all, hopefully, my children know, without a shadow of doubt, if I saw them doing what that young man was doing, I would do exactly as that mom did. Discipline transcends skin color, what was that, I’ll say again, discipline transcends skin color. I have often said there is only one race, the human race, we might have different ethnicities, different skin tones and raised in different parts of the earth, but we are all human. If you truly believe what the bible says, we all are created by God, we all come from Adam and Eve.

To think, we are being ripped apart as a society by what can be found in a child’s crayon box, color, we cannot change what happened in our country’s history. However, we can change our future, we can be better than our ancestors were, we can all work together to create a stronger country.

The in-fighting needs to stop, I know I am white, about as white as one can get being of Viking, German and Irish descent, however I am also about as American as one can get. Some of my people have been here since the 1600’s, the rest arrived in the 1700’s, therefore I shall voice my opinion on this country and what is going on in it today.

Today, that is the operative word, today, not yesterday, not in a past century, today, we are a diverse nation. The most diverse on the planet earth, we should be celebrating the fact that we are truly a melting pot, healing our wounds and coming together.

Our future generations might look back on this time in our history and be as horrified as the majority of us in this generation are when we look back at things that happened in the past. We need to learn from the mistakes of our forefathers, we need to learn from their successes as well.

Be a parent, raise your children with discipline, that does not mean raise them with cruelty and abuse, but teach them right from wrong. When you see them on the streets doing things they did not learn in your household, be a parent and grab them and take them home. Before they, themselves end up a statistic, that goes for parents of all skin colors, of all ethnicities. Don’t be a parental hypocrite, saying this mom is mom of the year, when you, yourself do not discipline your children.



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