This morning I put on a pair of capris that were too small last spring; I could not even fit my legs in them. I slipped them on today, and, well, verdict, they are a little too big, the waist is loose. How ‘bout that.

The 51st year of my life has not been that awesome so far, I have had a cyst on the top of my head, injured my arm and gave up coffee. My looks are fading fast, once 50 is gone, and now I am on the downside of life, I find my looks going. It’s sad, I can’t afford plastic surgery, however I can afford a hat with netting, for a mask, I don’t want to scare small children. I can only hope that when I die and go to heaven, I will be restored to when I was pretty. 17, I was really pretty at 17, I think that was the last time I was truly pretty. Having a hard life takes a toll on one; I have never had an easy life since birth. There was a period of about 5 years that life was genuinely not hard. I look back with fondness on that time.

My goal now is to be so skinny that people tell me I need to eat a sandwich, I have always had that goal, I have yet to achieve it. A work in progress, still, one would think after 51 years I would have achieved it, I am a slow worker. Takes time to get all of this fat off, I have about 100 more pounds to lose.

After giving up coffee for a total of 8 weeks, I know have coffee one day a week, I typically have it on Sundays, because that is the day that the Lord has made and I will enjoy His expression of love for me with coffee.

On the up side of things, the doctor was able to get the whole cyst out of my head without invasive surgery and my arm was fixable with visits to a sports medicine specialist and physical therapy.

I am quickly losing faith in humanity, Facebook has a lot to do with that, some things people say, all I can say is wow. It is one thing to spout ones opinion on things, however, I have always held to the belief that in order to have an opinion, one must read and do their research. If I had come to the dinner table spouting what some people do online my dad would have popped me in the mouth.

I am truly disheartened by humans these days, maybe we need an infusion of alien on earth, it couldn’t hurt and could help.

Everything I have seen on alien races (granted on television, movies and read in books) they appear to be enlightened, have conquered their emotions and war, hunger and disease is a thing of the past. Oh wait, no, that was Star Trek, ok, I would like us to accelerate to a future where we all just get along.  If we, as a human race could do that I would be extremely happy.

We are still fighting the same issues that have been fought over for hundreds of years; it’s old, very tiring and disturbing.

Right now I am watching a marathon of Reba, if only life were like a sitcom, where every problem could be worked out in 27 minutes. With a laugh track! That would be awesome; I would love to have a laugh track following me around. I am very funny and it would be nice to have that validated on a daily basis.


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