Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, a day the day evokes such memories, I was fortunate to have two father figures in my life, first my grandfather, second my adoptive dad. Today I want to talk about one of those and the father of my children. These will be in the form of open letters to each of these men, first up my dad:


Dear Dad,

You didn’t have to be my dad, you were done raising children, in fact you had two grandchildren older than me, but you and your incredible wife decided to give a child a chance in life that she would not have had otherwise.

You taught me so much, you taught me laughter was the key to getting through the rough times, you taught me it was ok to laugh at myself. You gave me humor, courage and a work ethic that follows me to this day.

You weren’t easy on me, demanding that I give my best, that I live an honest life, that no matter what happens God has my back. You gave me a foundation of strength of character, always tell the truth, stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves and always, always educate yourself.

It’s ok to question things, as long as you do the research to answer the questions and don’t just take others answers at face value. You gave me freedom from a life filled with fear, anger and self-doubt. I will never forget all of the love that you and mom showed me, I will never forget the lessons, the laughter and above all the chance at a life that was beyond me before you and she stepped in.

You took me to church, even when I didn’t really want to go, in that I will be forever grateful, you were not heavy handed with God’s word, instead you lived a life that showed by example what God can truly do to change a persons’ heart.

I will forever cherish every single story you told me, not only about the family history, but your personal history of growing up in the country, during the depression and how the people of Oklahoma came through it and thrived.

Thank you for choosing to be my dad when you didn’t have to, I will forever love you and the example of how to be a parent you set for me to follow.


This next one is for the father of my children:


Dear Jeff,


Even though our married relationship did not work, I like to think our parenting one did, I fully believe I chose wisely when it came to choosing you as a father for our children.

When we divorced you didn’t become a “weekend” kind of dad, you took your responsibilities seriously. You were there for them always, coming to parent-teacher conferences and even being able to be there to take them to the doctor when I had to work and there was no way I could do it myself.

You were there to back up my parenting decisions as well, if the kids were on lock down at my house they were at yours as well. There was no playing us against the other, I will be forever grateful that you and I worked together in that area.

You taught them the value of hard work by example, you continue to do that, the example you set for hard work is amazing. You started with nothing but drive and fortitude and built a business and a life and you share that with them.

You continue to be there for them even as they have become adults themselves, you are and continue to be, simply their dad.

For all that you have done and continue to do, I say thank you, thank you for being the dad to our children that you have been and are. Happy Father’s Day, I hope that it is everything that you want it to be.


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