Holly Madison 

I have a guilty secret, I loved the Girls Next Door when it was on. I was completely fascinated by the whole thing. What really fascinated me was how on earth could such beautiful , intelligent (well one exception in that area, Kendra was no brain trust) women agree to living with an octogenarian? I needed to know!

So watch I did, at times, I admit, I felt a moral superiority towards these women, at times I felt motherly towards them and at times I was horrified by these women. I didn’t want my daughter emulating them, I didn’t want her thinking this was an acceptable lifestyle choice, yet I still watched. 

I grew to care about these young women, I wanted them to break free of Hugh Hefner, when they all left one by one after the 5th season I breathed a sigh of relief. 

Reading Holly’s book lends insight into her world and how she came to make the decisions she did. It also shows how easy it is to get sucked into a lifestyle and have a hard time breaking away from it. I believe every word of that book, especially the way Hugh Heffner treated her and the others. I believe he likes to imagine those women are fighting over him and not what he can do for them. 

I recommend this book as a cautionary tale, every young woman who is thinking of getting involved with a man like this should be given this book. 

Now, having said that, what are these girls parents? I would have drug Elizabeth Anne out of that house. No way I would have allowed my 19 year old daughter to become involved in something like that. 

I understand why Kendra’s mother didn’t step in, she benefitted from the relationship financially. She whored her daughter out for plastic surgery. But Bridget’s parents? Why? Holly’s parents? Why?

These are unanswered questions, we may never know the answer to them. All I can say is mothers guard your daughters from the predators. 

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