Yesterday was Tessa’s birthday; the years are flying by faster than when her dad was a little boy. She is such a funny, sweet, smart and all around awesome little girl, I feel so honored to get to be her Gigi. We went to the country to celebrate her birthday, with gifts, pizza and cake (of course).

I am always amazed at the people God gave me for a family, Tessa is so much like her dad at that age, she is also like her Aunt Elizabeth Anne and also has qualities reminding me of her Uncle Alex. She is funny, smart, loving and brave, I love spending time with her, she has a wicked sense of humor.

One day we were in the store and I had bought her a few toys along with groceries, the check out lady expressed surprise that I was her grandmother. Well, this irritates Tessa to no end, she used to pout, now she throws zingers. She looked at me and said hmmm aren’t you like 70? I looked at her and said I haven’t paid for those toys yet. She laughed and laughed, the check out lady started laughing, we agreed that her funny deserved the toys.

I get to spend a whole week with my girl the end of this month and I could not be happier, I know we are going to have fun. Days filled with swimming, roller skating, pancakes, cartoons and lots of laughter.

On another birthday note, the cake was amazing, it was a batman cake with girly colors, Jeffrey said she had asked for batman. So batman she got, and it was adorable! Batman adorable, who would have thought?

It was a beautiful evening, the weather was perfect, the atmosphere fun and the conversation entertaining. Although, it is always entertaining with my ex-in-laws. What? Ex? Why yes, I did say ex. I would like to know where it is written that one cannot get along with their other family after divorce. I still love my ex-in-laws; why would I want to change that? My ex-husband is still funny and his wife is a gracious hostess, why would one hate that?

The only one missing was Alex and his reason was valid, his birthday is in a few days and his girlfriend arranged a trip for him to celebrate his day. Oh, I like his girlfriend as well, and I like my son-in-law. The word in-law gets a bad rap, I don’t know why, although I do see it portrayed in television and movies as being the worst thing possible.

Monster-in-law comes to mind, Endora from Bewitched is another, they were funny, but totally buying into the in-laws are a bad thing. As for me, I will continue to like mine and have pleasant, fun conversations with them.


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