Rhetoric:  the undue use of exaggeration. Get used to it folks, we are in for a rocky year, this election year is going to be brutal. All gloves are off, people are just nasty, and I am not talking about the politicians.

Facebook is already filling with memes depicting each side as ignorant and evil. As usual I will not be expounding my side here or on Facebook. I refuse to be drawn into pointless arguments. Anyone who knows me well will know who I will be casting my vote for.

I am really tired of a lot of things lately, wait, tired is the wrong word, disgusted, that’s the word. I am disgusted that police officers are being hunted like animals and shot down, I am disgusted that people think guns are the problem. People, mental illness and the media, those are the problems.

I am disgusted by parents not taking responsibility for their actions, leaving small children alone so they can drink or do drugs. It’s called adoption people, look into it, give your children to people who want them and will take care of them in an appropriate manner. I am a huge advocate of adoption, being that I was adopted myself.

I am disgusted by the ignorance of our history, people spout random thoughts like they are facts. They are not, read a book, better yet, read a history book, read several, not just one, get several different accounts of the same event. Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

I read, on the internet, of course, that the rest of the world doesn’t view our Revolutionary War the same way we do. The article suggested it wasn’t that important. Stupid, stupid author, of course our Revolutionary War is not that important to different countries. It’s OUR Revolutionary War, our break for freedom, not theirs, I read it and thought how ignorant does one have to be to just throw something together and it lands on Yahoo news as gospel. Then I realized that was a stupid thought as almost every story on Yahoo news is inane and stupid. I did the only thing I could, I quickly and quietly closed my browser.

Ignorance is invading our society at an alarming rate, I have to be honest, I am terrified for the future of our nation, no, the world. I am terrified for the future of our world, I am however not terrified for my own future. I know what happens to me when I die and I am good with it. More than good with it, you see I will be going to Heaven. However, while I am here, I am commanded to help where I can and have been taught since I was a child to take a stand, make a difference.

I shall continue to take a stand for what I believe is right, having said that, I do believe I shall become controversial for a moment.

Why have we not defunded Planned Parenthood already? Those videos are disturbing, and another thing, it is a life at conception, it is not just a cluster of cells, and they are pulling out babies from the womb! BABIES. Call them what they are, they are not fetuses, they are babies. I was an unplanned pregnancy, so happy abortion wasn’t readily available when my birth mother became pregnant. Perhaps some of you should be as thankful, you are here to spread rhetoric around like it is truth.




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