Gladys the Conquerer

I have a friend, ok, I have more than one friend, but today I would like to tell you about my friend Gladys.

When I first met Gladys she had just moved here from California, she and her new husband had transferred here to create a new life to go with their new marriage.

As soon as I met her I knew we would be friends, she is funny, smart, quick witted and willing to laugh at her own mistakes. She was also the kind of person who was not complacent about where she was in life.

She continued to learn and grow, well at one point she grew a lot, she grew a baby. Yes, she and her husband expanded their family, I got to see her grow not only as a person but as a parent. Believe me, she is an exceptional parent, planning not only around her child, but carving time out for date nights with her husband and also herself.

She is a fireball, always moving, always learning, she took this passion to keep moving in her life to learn new things. To move up in her career, I watched her go from being a call-center technician to a different kind of technician. Taking classes and moving to a new position, we were no longer in the same office, however, our friendship endures.

After years of different diets and different things, I watched her take charge of her physical health. She inspired me so much I followed her lead (I really thought me being older, I should be in the lead, however, I have learned that is not always the case) and took control of my own healthy.

Now I have the great pleasure of watching her grow even more in her career. I was beyond thrilled when she sent me a text telling me she had accepted a new position within the major telecommunications corporation that we both work for. A brand new challenge that will put her in a completely different environment. I don’t know how much I am allowed to say as this is her job, not mine.

But I will say this, she is going to be downtown in the big city now, and in my head I see her as Melanie Griffith, a total working girl, tennis shoes on for walking to the office. Switching to heels before going in the building and then taking the world by storm.

Gladys I am so incredibly proud of you for all that you have become and for what you will become. I treasure our friendship and know without a doubt you will keep inspiring me to become better at things in my life.

I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!

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