Officer Tommy M Norman

I love Snoop Dogg, there I said it, judge me if you will, but I have this deep love of Snoop. Not his music so much, as I am not in his demographic, not a race thing (before anyone can get started on that) it’s an age thing. I think I have well established I am incredibly old. I still love all things Motown and Disco, not to mention CCR, Foreigner, Kiss, John Williams and anything Christian Kane. If anyone took a good look at my playlist they would probably think three of four people listen to what is in there. I am very eclectic. Did I mention TSO? I love classical music as well.
So, having said all of that, I love Snoop Dogg due to the interviews I have seen. He is thoughtful, respectful, thought-provoking and refreshingly honest. He also seems to have a desire to make his community better, he coached his son’s football team. He does a lot more than just rap.
Of course I follow him on Facebook and that is where I saw the video of him and a fellow rapper name The Game. They led a march to the police station in Los Angeles. It was not an anti-police march; it was a let’s work together march. He and The Game proceeded to meet with officials to find out what not only the police could do better, but what the community could do better as well.
Which brings me to the point of all of this, I was curious about The Game, having never heard of him, because once again, not in his demographic.
I stalked his Facebook page and happened upon a post he wrote regarding his son. His son was discouraged with all that was going on in the world and asked his dad if there was anything positive happening. He encouraged his son to really look for something positive, for someone doing positive things.
His son stumbled upon Officer Tommy M Norman out of North Little Rock, Arkansas. He was so amazed by what this police officer was doing in his community he set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds so the officer could continue to do what he does.
What he does is patrol his assigned community with humility, humor and heart. So much heart. I instantly took myself over to Instagram to look this man up. His handle @tnorman23, on Instagram is filled with his daily adventures.
I have become a huge fan, I watch these videos daily, my favorites are Davey, Lois, Officer Aaron and Wilbur. I highly encourage anyone who is having a tough time in life to check him out. If his posts and videos do not bring a smile to your face and warm your heart you are not human.
The Game’s son asked his dad if this man was rich, is that how he is able to bring things to the people in the community.
Officer Norman passes out snacks and juices to the children and even the adults on his beat. The Game told his son that when someone is so poor a little goes a long way.
The community that Officer Norman patrols is not a rich area by any means. It is a lower-income area, and it is one he knows well as he grew up in the very neighborhood he now watches over.
I am in awe of this man and the way the people love him, children run up to his patrol car when they see him. They shower him with hugs and affection, in return he treats them like they matter. And they do.
He has been there so long he is actually getting to see the harvest of the seeds he has sown. Children going to college now, attributing it in part, to Officer Norman’s encouragement of them.
From his trips through the drive-thru at the local McDonald’s, where he jokingly gives Mariah No Carey a hard time, to checking on Officer Aaron and the gang, to taking time out to actually attempt the slip-n-slide in a child’s front yard. He is there, he is present, he is approachable.
Please take a minute out of your day to find him on Facebook and Instagram, I promise you it will renew your faith in humanity.
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