A Few Reasons Why I Didn’t Vote for HRC

What I have been saying was going to happen, happened, Hillary Clinton was not elected as the president of the United States of America.
So of course those that didn’t vote for her are misogynistic, sexist and strangely racist.
I have written before, here, the reasons I was not going to vote for her. They are numerous, and have nothing to do with her gender. At all. It also had nothing to do with President Obama, I didn’t not vote for Clinton based on President Obama’s skin color as I have seen some posts suggest. It’s confusing, I know, I was confused when I read that, some things I’ve read refer to it as whitelashing.
Here are my reasons for voting the way I did:

Since no one listened, I am going to tell you again why this woman did not get my vote.
I am adamantly pro-life; I believe Planned Parenthood should be defunded. They do not provide any health services. They don’t do mammograms, which was everyone’s argument. Women have other health options and besides, obviously Planned Parenthood makes enough money charging for their services as they gave $1,073,464.00 in donations to the Democratic party. If they are able to give that, they don’t need my tax dollars. Also, if an entity is getting tax dollars, they should not be able to be partisan. They should be a neutral party, as they will be at the mercy of the party that is in office, in my humble opinion.
Moving on, illegal immigration is, well, illegal and should not be encouraged. Now, the ones that were brought here as children and didn’t have a choice, there should be some program for them to get to citizenship. It also costs a lot and if you cannot afford a good lawyer specializing in immigration you’re pretty much out of luck. That should be looked into. But if you came here, as an adult, illegally, go home. Try coming here the right way, the legal way.
Next, the refugee issue, the DoD has said they have no way to vet these people. That’s insane, these people are coming from countries that literally want to kill us and do away with our way of life. They are coming from countries that throw gay people off of buildings, they are coming from countries where it is illegal to be gay. She took money from countries where they kill gay people! I am adamantly against killing anyone for their sexual orientation.
While we are on the subject of refugees and how they treat people, let’s look at how they treat women. If a woman is raped, it is her fault in these countries, oftentimes she is killed in an honor killing. HRC took money from these countries.
These are some of the reasons I did not vote for Hillary Clinton. I didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump because I thought he was a fantastic person, a white person, a man. I voted for him because I am exhausted from our country being taken further down a path I believe will be cataclysmic. As a matter of fact, border patrol has said if we do not stop illegal immigration it will be a cataclysmic event, as they are pouring into poor cities on the border and they cannot handle that influx and it is draining those communities.

I am not xenophobic, I am not misogynistic, I am not racist, I am not sexist. I am an American who didn’t like the platform of a certain candidate and I voted for a platform I believed in, as everyone should.
I will say this as well, I know a lot of African American men and women who voted for President-elect Trump. They are not racists, xenophobic or misogynistic or sexist, they voted their beliefs, they voted for what they thought was in their best interests as far as their communities, families and faith were concerned.
Also, if you voted a different way than I did, I understand you have your belief system as I have mine. I respect that, because we live in a country where we have the option to respect our differences and work toward a middle ground.
as always my email address is angie@angieworld.com

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