No Regrets

As most of you have probably guessed by now, John and I are no longer together. I will not be sharing the salacious details on here or anywhere else. Only my close, personal friends and family know my story. As for John, well, that is his story to tell to his close, personal friends and family. I wish him no ill will and will not be bashing him in any public forum.
Whew, now that the PSA is done I can talk about me, my favorite subject, other than Dean Cain.
I have moved to a place that vaguely reminds me of Owasso and it makes me very happy. I love seeing so many trees and so many children playing. I have also seen an ice cream truck! And no, I have not ran after it, yet.
Now that I am alone once again, I have to say I shall remain so. No more dating for me, the only exception I will make is for Dean Cain. If Dean Cain knocks on my door I will just marry him. I think we all know the odds of that happening is infinitesimal. So, single the rest of my life it is. I say that with absolutely no bitterness and anger, I like being alone. I know some people are not comfortable with their aloneness, however I have never been one of those people.
I revel in it, I enjoy it, in a lot of instances I prefer my own company. I can sing to the dulcet tones of the Bay City Rollers with no judgement, I can read trashy romance novels, I can watch as many nerdy shows as I can stay awake for. In the words of a famous McDonald’s commercial, I am loving it.
The past week has been spent unpacking and figuring out where things go. I have so much left to do, and am finding projects along the way. Don’t tell, but the projects involve the help of Alex’s girlfriend Elicia. She is so crafty! Very artistic, it will also include the help of Elizabeth Anne. I am not crafty, nor artistic in the least.
I have decided my living room will be done in crimson and cream, two guesses how I chose those colors. My bedroom will be done in deep purple and my bathroom silver and gray tones.
I am very excited about decorating! I don’t think I have been this excited in a long time. So happy my favorite colors coincide with my beloved Sooners.
I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful weekend. I have a one day weekend this week and a three day weekend next weekend. I’m ok with that, the payoff is worth only have one day off.

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