Face Blaster

I have found a fountain of youth miracle, in a little product called the Face Blaster, created by Ashley Black. If you will remember a while back I bought the Fascia Blaster, and loved it.
Well, I have been coveting the Face Blaster for a few months. I have been watching the women on Facebook posting miracle, turn back the clock, results with this product.
It’s no secret I have had a rough couple of years and they have aged me greatly. It is also no secret I have zero plans to age gracefully. I don’t want to, I don’t care who knows it and I don’t care who judges me.
I fully believe that by using Mary Kay Skin Care products and good genetics have slowed the aging process in my skin. I needed more help than that now, stress can be a huge factor in the aging process.
I have eliminated a huge amount of stress in my life, so now is the time to focus on my looks. I don’t care who judges me for that. Judge away people, judge away, because while you are busy judging I am busy turning back the clock.
On Mother’s Day this year I decided to gift myself the Face Blaster, I had some funds in a few shopping apps that I participate in, money wasn’t a factor. So I did it, I took the plunge and ordered it.
I waited with bated breath for it to arrive, it took the longest three weeks ever.
It arrived on a Saturday, I eagerly tore open the box, there it was, my own personal time travel product.
To say I am amazed is an understatement. This tiny tool has given me back my face. The lines are disappearing along with the sagging skin, it is firming everything on my face, neck and shoulders.
It hurt at first, because the muscles in my neck were so tight and it was painful to run the tool over them. But as I continued “blasting” they loosened up and now it doesn’t hurt.
the lines around my mouth have all but disappeared, the lines around my eyes are getting lighter in appearance. I feel free, I feel light and I feel like myself once again. I will post pictures of my progress at the end of this entry.
I highly recommend this product, I not only use the Face Blaster on my face I am using it on my calves as well.
My calves have been rock hard and painful to the touch as long as I can remember. When I get a pedicure I cry if they try to massage my calves. I beg them to stop, this tool has worked out the hardness and now they are almost pliable. So much this little thing can do.
I highly recommend the Face Blaster along with the Fascia Blaster. I am still in awe of that product as well, I am in less pain with my IT band and also my shoulders hurt less and my posture has improved.
God Bless Ashley Black for inventing these products, and making them available to the public. No, I am not getting paid to say this, all of my product reviews are totally my own and products I have bought myself.
As usual if there are any questions please feel free to email me at angie@angieworld.com

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