Happy Birthday Tessa

Today is my amazing granddaughters 10th birthday. As she enters into the double digit territory I am filled with memories of her as a baby, toddler and finally a little girl.
She enters into the dubious world of pre-teen, and all that entails. There are certain hopes I have for her.
I hope she never loses her wonder of learning new things. I hope she always keeps that innocence about her, the ability to trust and the knowledge that the people that love her will protect her.
I hope I always have the relationship with her that I have now, the one where we laugh at the silliest things and have sword fights. The one where she insists I tell her stories before she goes to sleep when she is with me. They have to be true stories, then she guesses who they are about.
I hope she always keeps that sense of excitement about her, where she very literally jumps for joy at the things we think are simple as adults.
I hope she never outgrows me, that she’ll always want to spend time with me.
I hope more than anything that as she grows up, she understands that she can be anything and go anywhere she wants.
I am picking her up in a little while and we begin our week together. I hope she will want that every year, even when she is grown up.
I know that is unlikely, that she will want to spend time with her friends when she is a teenager. That eventually spending time with Gigi won’t hold the allure it does now.
I will treasure this moment in time, this magical time, the time where for a brief moment I am fun and she enjoys being with me.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter, may your whole year be filled with wonder and surprises.

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