Growing Old Bites

Ok, so, yesterday I had two men hit on me while at work, they were obviously older gentlemen, so perhaps they were lonely.

I very gently told both of them it was against company policy for me to give them my phone number or take theirs.

I know I should be flattered, and on a level I am, however, they were old. Like 70’s old, and I am not talking 1970s old, I am talking they were at least 70+ in years.

I am not that old, but now I feel like I should just buy a case of cats and call it a day. When did this happen? That I got so old I am no longer attractive? Except to old men!

I don’t understand how and when this happened, I wasted the last 10 years of my life and I truly regret it.

I wish I had foresight, that I could have seen everything that was to transpire, or that others had told me what they had personally seen. Maybe I would have gathered my wits earlier and fled to my freedom.

Who knows.

What I do know is I am not going to call practical strangers on the phone that I help at work and start a relationship. With anyone, young, old, or in-between, it could seriously get me fired.

So if you are out there and on the phone with tech support, do not, under any circumstances try and get the technician to call you outside the boundaries of their support. It is their livelihood you are playing with, and their self-esteem.

Man oh man, did mine take a nosedive, so sad, my mirror says one thing (glasses off, of course) than what society sees.

Should I give up my heels and just go with sponge like shoes, the ones that kinda squeak when you walk? Should I go ahead and buy an adult stroller? Have Tess push me around Wal-Mart?

Questions for the ages. I was feeling pretty good about myself, with the working out, the diet, the fascia blaster and face blaster. Now, all shot to Hades in a hand-basket. So very sad.

Any ideas on how to obtain a case of cats?

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