Memes, Use Them Wisely

Ok, so, there is something that is on my mind and it has to do with Facebook, of course. We all know I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Oh and this time it is Instagram as well, I never thought I would have this kind of relationship with Instagram, but there it is, out in the open. It is a meme, yes a meme, well several that I’ve seen lately, that has me, well, for lack of a better term, pissed off.

The offensive meme or memes, if you will, because they all pop up in different forms, is all about how if you love someone you will stay with them when they are going through a hard time.

Well, let me tell you something, someone else’s hard time does not mean you have to stay in an abusive relationship. Maybe these memes are meant for that, but it washes all over me, because people get to play the victim. Oh this person left me when I was going through a hard time. They are a bad person.

Let’s examine some things shall we, if you are with someone who, for example, drinks till they piss themselves then screams obscenities at you and kicks walls and breaks doors and puts your physical, mental and emotional well-being into jeopardy, you get to leave them and their hard time in the dust.

These memes are stupid, yes, I said it, stupid, because no one knows what the other persons hard time did to the one who left.

Wow, that felt good, I’m glad I got that out, it feels good to vent a little.

Was that a little too honest? maybe. Was it a little too telling? Maybe. Was it a little too harsh? Maybe. Was it honest? Yes.

I know I am projecting, and taking things personally, but maybe I get to do that in my world. Oh, wait, it is my world, so yes, definitely I get to project and take things personally.

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