Chew Your Food

So I did something stupid Saturday afternoon that I’m still recovering from today.

Let me start off by telling you I have esophagus issues. I have to take small bites and chew really well, otherwise bad things happen.

Well, Saturday afternoon bad things happened. I was eating a bite of potato and I didn’t chew well and it was a bigger bite and it became lodged in my esophagus.

No big deal I thought, I’ll just drink some water and see if that will push it down. Or help me throw up and it will dislodge that way.

Nope, it was stuck in there pretty good, I just threw up everything I ate and drank after that. So I stopped eating, I kept drinking, hoping the liquid would get the potato out of my esophagus.

Nothing worked. I have to be honest, by Sunday I was beginning to get a little worried. By Monday morning it was a full on panic.

I decided to try a Coke, thinking either the carbonation or the Coke acid would remedy things. It did not. I just threw up Coke. And it was disgusting and painful. I really thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room. Which I don’t want to, they would have to put me under and scope me. I hate being under anesthesia. I have a really hard time coming out of it.

I told my friend Debbie what was happening because she said Angie you don’t look too good, are you ok.

She then told me in Taiwan people drink vinegar to dissolve fish bones in their throat. She’s Taiwanese, so I thought what the heck. Because at this point I am seriously becoming dehydrated and weak from not being able to eat.

I went home Monday evening and drank a small glass of vinegar. Not apple cider vinegar, but the white stuff. That I use for cleaning.

I about died. I thought Debbie told me that to torture me.

A few hours later I felt the potato dislodge and move on. Debbie is sooooo smart.

Because of my mishap I am still catching up on my liquid intake and eating has not been fun as my throats is sore from throwing up so much and from the potato lodged in it.

Lesson I learned is chew your food.

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