Justice League

So I saw Justice League yesterday, I highly enjoyed it, way better than Superman vs Batman. While I love Marvel, I LOVE DC and am so happy they seem to be getting their act together as far as movies go.

The CW does DC right on television, from Smallville to the ones on now, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl needs some work. Not a fan of the teenage angst that is going on among the adults on the show. I do love the fact that the CW incorporates actors from former movies and shows of the DC world.

Back to the movie, no spoilers as it just came out this weekend, I will say stay for the very end of the credits. There are two end of credit scenes, one is fun and one is a look ahead.

Everyone knows I love Superman, I have loved him since I was 4 years old and picked up my first comic. My real hero is Lois Lane, she was human and said what she wanted, did what she wanted and told the world what was going on. I wanted to be her from the get go, I still want to be her. Part of me is still that little girl who wanted so very badly to grow up and tell the world what was going on.

Undercover assignments, exposing corruption and telling the world about it, she was everything I wanted to be.

There are no Lois Lane’s in todays world, there are only Kat Grants. The Kat Grant that was a gossip columnist, not the Kat Grant portrayed on Supergirl. The one that tried to get Clark Kent to abandon his Kansas morals.

Those are the only women journalists I see on television, ones that have sold their souls. Where are the ones that are unbiased? The ones that just tell what is going on? Where are they? Are they lost forever? Never to be heard from again?

I don’t have an answer. Just a lot of suppositions, right or wrong, there you have it.

I have a very exciting week next week, I work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, have off on Wednesday, which is a very full day. Taking Tess for her Christmas pictures for one. Then back to work on Thursday and Friday.

No Thanksgiving feasts for me, I have no one to spend that holiday with, I haven’t since 1993. I turn down friends invitations as they are pity offers and I do believe we all know how I feel about that.

These days even my friends have stopped issuing invitations because they know I will say no. I always felt weird going to someone’s house on a holiday, that I’m not related to. Does that sentence make sense? I don’t even know.

But there you have it, I don’t want to, I feel awkward and weird and I don’t like those feelings, so I work and then go home. I works out well for me and I do believe it works out well for others.

I do miss going to my parents for Thanksgiving, the days where everyone was there. My nephews, niece, brothers and sister and their spouses, the house was filled with laughter, food and so much fun.

Nothing can really ever take the place of that feeling, it’s better to just stay home than to remember what I no longer have.

So, since 1993, I have not celebrated Thanksgiving, not because I’m not thankful, but because I don’t want others to see how very alone I am.

I want my children to continue their tradition of celebrating with their dad’s side of the family. I want them to enjoy that and have the best time.

I’ll celebrate when I die and see my parents again, then it will be a real Thanksgiving. With all that implies.

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