Terry Crews

Ok, so, I was on Twitter and something caught my eye, I know, it’s usually Facebook, but not today, today it was Twitter and it was Terry Crews. He tweeted about his own personal experience with sexual assault. He said he was telling his story to let everyone know that women are not the only ones effected by this plague.

I don’t even know how the man had the nerve to do that to him, Terry Crews is not a small man, what has to go through someones brain to think that’s doable?

I want to start off by saying I love Terry Crews, not in a Dean Cain kind of way, but in a I love his acting kind of way. He’s incredibly funny, I cannot resist a big, athletic man doing comedy, I can’t explain it, but I love it. Mr. Crews made White Chicks, he stole the show. Just greatness.

He also comes across as very geniune, he seems to be very devoted to his wife and children, never caught up in a scandal. I believe him, I believe him when he says Adam Venit assaulted him, I believe it was incredibly brave of him to tell that story.

First off it’s not considered manly in our society to admit to things of this nature. For a man to be the victim in this situation, especially a man as physically big as Terry Crews. For him to come out and tell his story is amazing and brave and deserves headlines. It doesn’t take away from women who are assaulted and taken advantage of, instead it deepens the conversation. Who is safe in this world?

I have to wonder what went through that man’s head at that moment, for him to think this was ok. I have no words, I often wonder what makes anyone think this is ok.

Words are one thing, to say that women allow certain behavior from certain types of men are one thing. The acting out of said words is completely different.

I come from a world filled with men, manly men, blue collar workers. Mechanics, linemen, union men, I have heard everything in the world. I am so not easily offended, I can give as good as I get. I, myself, am pretty intimidating, which is probably one of the reasons I am not messed with.

I remember one time, in the 6th grade, an older boy decided to see if he could corner me and I honestly don’t know what he thought he wanted to do to me. I can tell you what I did to him, I grabbed him and beat the crap out of him. I was a tough little thing, his friends stood around and watched and spread the word, don’t mess with Angie.

No one ever did again in that school, and no other school, nor on any jobs I’ve ever had.

I’m not a nice person, typically things like this happen to nice people. I believe it’s because predators see nice people as easy targets.

I am not saying nice people ask for things like this to happen to them, I am saying predators know who their prey is.

I will tell you I have been mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by someone that told me he loved me. And then began to prove by his very actions it was not the case, and it took me a long time to escape that situation. I should have much sooner than I did, but I did, I am not weak for having stayed as long as I did. As a matter of fact it has made me stronger and just that much more resolved to spend the rest of my life alone, unless Dean Cain shows up. A whole different story.

Having said that, Mr. Crews, I will go see anything you star in, or have a supporting role in, I will watch you on tv, listen to your interviews. Everything. You sir are brave, strong and I want you to know I stand with you, as do your many fans. God bless you, many prayers going to you and your family.

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