I had a thought and I needed to get it down before I left, I have so much to do today and I can’t believe I stopped to do this. However, I believe my sudden insight might be helpful to others.

I have been saying I have no life, jokingly, but kinda serious. I said it to myself this morning, and I thought whoa, why am I saying this.

I literally have the best life I have had in so many years, I am beyond happy. I literally wake up singing and dancing with Stormie. Her singing voice is a bit better than mine, admittedly, but we muddle through. The dancing though, I have her beat on that one. So many years of watching American Bandstand and Soul Train finally pay off.

I live closer to my children than I have in quite some time, I see them more often.

I come home to a place that is filled with peace, that is a true oasis from the chaos of the world.

I have an amazing life and I need to stop saying I have no life, whether it is out loud or in my head.

If you are one who is doing this as well, stop, take stock of all that you have. Your friends, family, pets, the home that is a fortress against the crazy of every day life.

You will find you have a life filled with amazement and great Joy.

God has given me this amazing life and I am going to honor Him from now on. I will no longer be saying I have no life. I will be shouting from the rooftops that my life is joyous!

Peace out peeps! I hope your day is going to be as amazing as mine is.

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