Ok, so, they moved my desk at work, I should be used to this as this is what they like doing. I will miss my old team, we had so much fun together. Giving each other a hard time, joking, helping with complex issues. We are now scattered.

I like the people on my new team, I seriously can get along with almost anyone. Almost. One of my new teammates, that I’ve know for quite a while now, said if Angie doesn’t like someone they must be the devil incarnate.

She’s not wrong, I can find good in anyone. Almost anyone. There are two people on my floor that I have serious disdain for. I take that back. One I have mild dislike and I don’t trust them, the other is disdain and downright loathing for.

This number will soon be going up by one, you see, in managements infinite wisdom, they are moving a certain someone’s group to my floor.

On the same side as my group. I am not looking forward to this event. However, since I am the consummate professional I will be able to tolerate this. They did put me in the back of the row, which helps.

I do like my new manager, I do believe we will get along well. I wish I could tell you her name so you could google her. She’s an Olympian gymnast. Seriously cool.

I am almost ready for Christmas, I have been very busy lately with all of that.

Oh I also have a stalker light. Ask if you would like that clarified.

Till later my peeps. As usual you can leave a comment here or email me at angie@angieworld.com

One Reply to “Disdain”

  1. What is a stalker light? Also, I really wish I could go back in time and change certain decisions without changing other resultant decisions but still be able to delete the bad and keep the miracles. Because if I could, I would. I send you love and hope that you won’t be dealing with any drama because of the changes at work. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!


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