Merry Christmas

I should start off by saying Merry Christmas! It is Christmas Day, as most of you know, Christmas Eve is when we celebrate as a family. It was great, except for Alex and Elicia being delayed, however I got to spend time with them later in the evening.

Children laughing and playing, tearing wrapping paper, laughter, conversation. Truly greatness.

Jesus is totally the reason behind celebrating the day, the birth of our Lord and Savior, being together, exchanging gifts as the Magi brought gifts to the Christ child. That is what we do, that is how we celebrate His birth.

I am truly blessed, I know people say that all of the time, it is a saying that is losing it’s meaning. I can tell you, this year, I feel truly blessed, free, joyous, so much less stress than in previous years.

I had four glorious days off of work, much needed, I go back tomorrow, work 4 days, then off for a week. I am going to spend it recharging my internal batteries, organizing my pantry and linen closet and a possible day trip to Claremore. Maybe a drive through Owasso and Tulsa as well.

I know being in my pajamas will also be order for at least a couple of those days. Elizabeth Anne gave me a new blu-ray player, now I have one in the living room and my bedroom. I am thinking a movie day is in the books as well.

4 short days, then I get to sleep, play, read, watch movies, do whatever I want.

My prayer for everyone today, our first holy day, even if it is the end of the year, is that you are surrounded by people you love and that truly love you. I was yesterday, my soul is at peace, my entire being is happy, I wish the same for anyone reading this.

Life is way too short to spend it surrounded by hate, negativity, gloominess and well anything that makes you completely miserable.

I foresee a multitude of Christmases filled with joy, peace, love and Dean Cain.

Speaking of, at Christmas Eve lunch, Tess spots Mr. Sooner (if you follow me on FB or Instagram you know who that is) I said my boyfriend is here with us, she looks at me and says, with a completely straight face “you’re cheating on Dean Cain with him here”. I didn’t know whether to be proud or scared. Going with proud, sense of humor, check, dash of snarkiness, check, family trait of sarcasm, intact.

I’d say our job is done here.

Merry Christmas people, as usual if you have nay comments or something you would like to convey to me you can find me at or leave a missive here.

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