2018 List

I have decided to add Norway to my must see places list. Someone posted a picture of a Norweigan Navy man, and that is all it took for me to become a tourist. Seriously the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life.

Dean Cain is pretty and will always have my affections and I am going to marry him one day. However, this man was beautiful. If you have Instagram you have to check him out. His name is Lasse Løkken Matberg, his twitter handle is @lasselom.

Seriously, I had no idea that men who look like this actually exist. Who knew they existed in Norway? The land of my people! He looks like a modern day Viking!

I mean seriously, how has this not been broadcast everywhere. Tourism would be out of the roof!

It is almost a new year, I look forward to seeing what 2018 will bring me. 2017 has been such an amazing year, so many great things have been happening. So many great things to come in the new year.

I am not going to do a whole New Years resolution thing, I am going to do a list of things I want to accomplish:

  1. Trip to Montanna
  2. New Tattoo
  3. Maybe a new hair color (still debating on this one)
  4. A writing class
  5. Still the year of yes

Those are the things I have so far. Any suggestions as to what I should say yes to?

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